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2 puertos, tarjeta USB3.0 PCI-Express

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Descripción del producto

Especificaciones PCI-Express a USB3.0 expresa la tarjeta,
Extienda 2pcs las interfaces USB3.0,
Cubierta a prueba de polvo, buena mano de obra


As the professional computer peripheral brand, ORICO released a USB3.0 express card with NEC chipset at end of 2009. As the leading computer storage brand, this time ORICO release 2kinds of dual ports USB3.0 express card. Each of them uses USB3.0 master chipset produced by EtronTech and ASMedia Chipset Company! You don’t need to worry about your mainboard which does not support USB3.0. You just need to choose and buy ORICO USB3.0 express card, and it can expand 2ports high speed USB3.0 interface.


Product Function:

ORICO release the newest ASMedia ASM1042 chipset of USB3.0 express card--ORICO PEJUS3-2P. ORICO is always beloved by fans with its high quality and performance products. This express card is also made meticulously! It has 2ports USB3.0 high speed interface, and conform to PCI Express system standard. When it connects with USB3.0 peripheral devices, the speed reaches 5Gbps, and also keeps the compatibility with the existing USB peripheral devices, downward compatible with USB2.0/1.1/1.0 etc USB whole series peripheral devices. It supports USB hot swap and plug play function, supports any USB device include U disk, USB external HDD, MP3, external CD-ROM, Digital camera, CCD camera etc. It’s the same as former grade USB product in usage without any differences, so you don’t need to worry more about it.


Product Features:

Meticulous workmanship, luxury material, typical aluminum dustproof cover with heat dissipation function

Internal enclosed half-height chassis baffle plate, fit for full height/half-height chassis

Use EtronTech EJ168A master chipset, higher compatibility and stability

Product Interface use PCI-E*1 interface (compatible*2*8*16)

Dual high speed USB3.0 output interface, expand 2ports of USB3.0 standard interface, and downward compatible with USB2.0


Product Specification:


1.     Conform to PCI-Express standard 2.0 version

2.     Conform to USB3.0 super speed standard 1.0 version

3.     Conform to xHCI standard 1.0 version

4.     Master chipset: EtronTech EJ168A chipset

5.     The maximum transfer speed reach 5Gbps, much quicker than USB2.0 480Mbps, 10times of USB2.0

6.     Downward compatible with USB2.0/1.1/1.0

7.     Transfer rate up to 5000/480/12/1.5Mbps

8.     USB power output: highest 5V 900mA

9.     Support USB hot swap function

10.  Microsoft WQHL certification

11.  Support Windows XP/2003/Vista/WIN7


Product Accessories:


1.      PCI-Express to USB3.0 express card*1

2.      User manual*1

3.      Driver CD*1

4.      Half-height baffle plate (use for half-height chassis)*1

5.      Screws*2(one for spare)











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